XR Science Award 2022

The XR award for higher education!

The XR Science Award is heading towards the fifth round! Once again, we gather universities and key players researching in the field of Extended Reality and award the best projects in seven categories. On 27 September 2022, each nominated team gets the opportunity to exhibit their proof of concept at the DASA and defend it in front of the jury. Experts, investors, and the public are eagerly awaiting your innovations!

27th September 2022 in the DASA

The DIVR Science Award honours innovative XR projects in the university environment. The stage and venue is the DASA in Dortmund. Around 1000 visitors are expected. The award ceremony will take place on September 27, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the premises of DASA.

Throughout the day, the jury will take a tour of the exhibition. The nominees are given the opportunity to present their ideas at their booths. The award ceremony will be held in the evening as the closing event. Seven categories will be awarded.

XR Student Award

This year for the first time, the DIVR is awarding the special prize „XR Student Award“ as part of the XR Science Award. Only students may apply for this award with their projects. This includes projects, bachelor’s or master’s theses created in the field of XR.

Best Tech

The award goes to the application with the most impressive realisation. The jury is looking for the extraordinary in the implementation – imaginable are very good technical quality, high degree of technological innovation.

Immersion & Interface

The „Immersion & Interface“ Award honours developed technologies with a high degree of immersion for the user and outstanding solutions in interface design.  

Best Practice

Which project is best received in practice and has successfully made the step from the laboratory to practical application? The award is given to projects impressing with their outstanding applicability for end users – e.g. solutions for industrial problems.

Athletic Performance, Psychology & Health

„Athletic Performance, Psychology & Health“ is awarded to the application that offers the best XR solution suitable for use in a health or training environment.

Best Concept

The award honours the most innovative approach, the most creative use of VR technology or the most intriguing experiment in the competition. The focus of the evaluation is on the best conceptual performance.

Performance & Art

The special award „Performance & Art“ honours XR technologies used in art or art performance projects. Many possibilities are imaginable in this category, from sculpture to dance.

Nominees for the 2022 XR Science Award

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Der XR Science Award ist ein Projekt des Deutschen Instituts für Virtual Reality.


The XR Science Award was held four times in the past years. With the XR Science Award we aim to offer scientists from the VR/AR sector a platform to showcase ideas, concepts, and inventions to a broad audience. The XR Science Award takes place once a year and rewards outstanding work by researchers in VR/AR in various categories.

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Das DIVR ist ein auf nationaler Ebene agierender Verein, der sich mit den Potentialen von XR Technologien (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mischformen) auseinandersetzt. Das DIVR initiiert Veranstaltungen und Foren, um die verantwortungsvolle Implementierung von XR-Tech in der deutschen Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft zu gewährleisten. Ebenso werden durch das DIVR und dessen Partner gemeinsam Projekte im XR-Bereich umgesetzt. Das DIVR agiert außerdem als Kurator von Wissen rund um das Themenfeld

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