Rahel Demant

Cofounder and COO, VR First

  • Frankfurt, Berlin, Dublin
  • 04. Februar 1989

Mein erster Kontakt mit Digital Reality

In 2015, I had the chance to work at Crytek where The Climb, an amazing Virtual Reality Climbing experience was developed. In the Climb, it is possible to see the Alps, Paradise Islands or the Rocky Mountains without moving from the city you are currently living in. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I have experienced hundreds of games, movies, and B2B experiences. I also own a Magic Leap, my latest new toy, that next to the Hololens, is a crazy amazing way to augment and play in my own living room at home!

So setze ich Digital Reality ein

We are a network of Digital, Virtual and Augmented Reality Developers. We have expanded to 52 VR First labs all around the world. Together with our network, we organize open innovation challenges, online competitions and hackathons for corporates that are exploring the potential of VR/AR. We also host introductory VR/AR for business workshops and organize local events to „democratize VR/AR“, which is the global mission of VR First.
Diese Möglichkeiten sehe ich für Digital Reality
Just amazing! How about time traveling and exploring the middle ages in schools, learning chemistry without the need of risking a real laboratory or getting real time instructions on where to move or drive in a car or on a bike. The opportunities of immersive tech are endless and i am lucky to be able to work very closely with the most innovative academic labs worldwide working on the most and newest innovative products.

Diese Chancen und Risiken messe ich Digital Reality bei

Virtual and Augmented Reality are changing and are going to change the way we live, work and play. It is important to monitor its development and usage closely. A world in which people are addicted to live in a computer-generated world instead of interacting with real people sounds alarming, but might also offer increased chances of understanding, learning and empathizing with each other.
Let’s remember that VR and AR will eventually converge, and smart glasses will take over our digital interactions. We are already living in a Sci-Fi Future, in which we are able to overlay digital information onto real world objects which is hidden to outsiders. This is one of the secrets why VR/AR seems so far away to people who haven’t worked with it yet.
Kurator und Foreninitiator

Das DIVR ist ein auf nationaler Ebene agierender Verein, der sich mit den Chancen und Risiken von XR Technologien (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mischformen) auseinandersetzt. Wir initiieren Foren und setzen auf diesen Impulse, um die verantwortungsvolle Implementierung von XR-Tech in der deutschen Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft zu gewährleisten. Zudem agieren wir als Kurator von Wissen rund um das Themenfeld und stellen dieses zur Verfügung.

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